Our Story

One Icy Cool Dream

Hi!👋🏼 We are so ICE-ited you are here, see what I did there?🤣 

You may be asking yourself, “Where the heck did this Pebbles idea come from?” … Christmas of 2020. That’s when we turned into that family with a counter top pebble ice maker. Her name was Roxie! And we LOVED her! ❤️ 

Sadly, 1 year and 8 months later, to be exact, Roxie started to make these really sad groaning sounds. 😩 After further inspection we found that Roxie was freezing up. 🙄 How that happens to an ICE maker is still beyond me…We desperately tried to help Miss Rox the best we could. But, after nearly chucking her can from a 20-story building out of frustration, we figured it was time to admit her demise!

After the passing of Roxie, grumpy-wife-syndrome hit hard in our house. 🥴 Having to drive to Mav or a special drink spot just for pebble ice in our sodas was not cutting it for us. Our pocket book was shrinking and our time was better spent elsewhere other than in another line. So, the wife figured, “Why not solve this problem and take the good stuff to everyone’s home? Teach them to use their own freezer ice dispenser in their door and eliminate those ice makers that crap out in a year, take up the counter space and leak everywhere”. PLUS wife will NEVER go without the soft, crunchy good stuff ever again!

😏 Happy wife, happy life!

Sooo, here we are taking pebble ice to a whole new level. Bringing soft, fresh Pebbs to your door and introducing flavored pebble ice to the lineup this coming year.
We are a beverage loving crew that lives on a budget [or tries to] 🤣 and enjoys our fun concoction of inventive drinks at home. We hope your family will enjoy the goodness and fun Pebbles is bringing to Cache Valley and save a little time, cash and counter space in the long run! Happy crunching!

The Palmer Clan