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Our Delivery Schedule

General Pebbles Questions

When you check out with your purchase of Pebbles there is a calendar with  which will allow you to select a day and time slot  for when our truck will be servicing your area. The system reads your address and populates the delivery schedule for your area. 

Delivery will  begin Monday through Friday  10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturdays 10:00 AM -12:00 PM. Time of delivery for each day of the week, in each area of the valley, will alternate to accommodate varying  schedules as much as possible. Please refer to the scheduler during checkout or through your membership account to select your delivery time. 

We currently service cities located in Cache County, Utah. 
Logan, River Heights, Providence, Millville, Nibley, Hyrum, Wellsville, North Logan, Benson, Hyde Park, Smithfield, and Richmond. If you live outside of these locations and are still interested in Pebbles, please send us a message through our Contact Page or email and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Yes! We will send out text notifications when our truck leaves to come to your area filled with ice! Then when your delivery is next in line a text will be sent again to let you know we are on our way with an ETA. 

Yes! A text and email will be sent out the day before your delivery is scheduled to remind you to get things ready to receive your delivery.

Ice Melts, and when melted ice freezes again it can block up. We do our very best to make sure that the ice comes delivered fresh and frozen.  To insure that the product stays frozen, we strongly recommend that someone be home and available to receive your delivery to place straight into the freezer. If no one is available, you can set a cooler on the front step and we will place the bags inside. Make sure there is enough space in your freezer or refrigerator ice dispenser. Get your drinks ready for your pebbs!  

Make sure that your bag(s) of ice do not melt and refreeze as much as possible. This will cause pebbles to stick together. Keeping them frozen and in the freezer as much as possible with help to prevent this. Setting the bag out on in above freezing temperatures will cause melting.
We recommend  setting your freezer temperature below 10 degrees. Try not to open the freezer door as much and do not leave your freezer open to let cold air out.

Clear some old food from the back of your freezer that has freezer burn and that you don’t even remember is there and make a nice spot for your bag of Pebbles. 

Pebbles Membership Questions

We will be sending out text reminders and emails for you to select a day and time for your first delivery. Those reminders will go out starting on 12/26/2022.

Yes! You can log in to your account and  change your membership delivery schedule 48 hours in advance to a time slot that is available on the delivery schedule calendar. 

Deliveries will begin January 2, 2023. You will be able to schedule your delivery by logging into your membership account starting  December 26, 2022.

Pebbles The Ice Factory is not responsible nor liable for any refrigerator ice dispenser damage should you choose to place Pebbles Ice inside personal refrigerator ice dispenser.

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